10- Minute Strength Training #1: Push-ups!

By: Mark Brown, Director of Personal Training

I’m often asked for quick weight training routines. Most of you are not lucky enough to work in a gym and are forced to squeeze workouts in between jobs, family and actually having a life. Some of you just love our cardio classes and put so much effort into your Zumba or step that the idea of hitting the weight room for another hour makes you feel like you’ve dropped a weight on your toe!  If that sounds familiar, I’m about to eliminate those excuses!

This one is my favorite! You can do this at the gym or at home.
All you need is a clock and space for push-ups.

Your workout is simple, at the beginning of each minute perform a predetermined number of push-ups.
Try 5 if you’re just starting out, 10 if you are more advanced.  Once you have completed this number, rest for the rest of the minute.  At the beginning of the next minute, do your push-ups again. Follow this pattern for 10 minutes.  It feels easy at first, but it soon adds up.

If you make 10 each time, you’ve knocked out 100 push-ups in 10 minutes! This can also be a great workout to do if you have kids at home – brief enough that they’ll do it, and most likely try to beat you!

If you like this formula, there’s no rule that says you have to do push-ups, feel free to try different exercises with this pattern and see how it works.

 If you have questions about 10 Minute Strength Training, please drop me a line or just grab me at the gym.