10 Minute Strength Training #2

By: Mark Brown, Director of Personal Training

I’m often asked for quick weight training routines. Most of you are not lucky enough to work in a gym and are forced to squeeze workouts in between jobs, family and actually having a life. Some of you just love our cardio classes and put so much effort into your zumba or step that the idea of hitting the weight room for another hour makes you feel like you’ve dropped a weight on your toe!  If that sounds familiar, I’m about to eliminate those excuses!

{To be honest, the following routines may not have you ready for a role in the next Rocky movie, but if you combine them with a strong aerobic workout most days of the week, you will look and feel better!}

The Big Three:

Choose one exercise from Group A, B and C. Cycle through all three exercises with as little rest as possible between movements. Pick a weight you can complete 15 reps with on the first set. Continue to rotate exercises for 10 minutes. Be sure to track your weight and your reps. Try to increase your reps each time you workout. Once you complete at least 10 reps of each exercise for the entire 10 minutes, increase weight!  The exercises are grouped in pushing and pulling motions for the upper body and lower body exercises that incorporate the most muscle.

Group A: Dumbbell squat, lunge, leg press, step ups
Group B: Pull-ups, assisted pull-ups, rows, lat pull down
Group C: Push-ups, incline dumbbell press, military press

Try this circuit for 10 minutes after your favorite class!

If you have questions about 10 Minute Strength Training, please drop me a line or just grab me at the gym!