30-Day Challenge

Recommit to a healthier lifestyle in just 30 days this May with personalized support and expert advice from BodyBusiness.

Food. Fitness. Results.

Could your diet use a reboot? Have sweet treats, processed foods and take-out become a bigger part of your diet than you’d like them to be? We can help you bring things back into balance because, let’s be real – it happens to everybody. 

Join the BodyBusiness Fitness Club 30-Day Challenge and get back on track. This month-long program combines clean eating and regular workouts to help you establish healthy habits and get you feeling your best. Along the way, you’ll have the support and guidance of our nutrition, fitness and wellness experts that can help you personalize a plan to meet your goal.

The 30-Day Challenge begins May 1. 



Studies show that accountability is a key factor in establishing your goals. With club check-ins and food tracking, you’ll be holding yourself responsible for sticking to your goals and have a measurable way to track your progress.


Sticking to the plan can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. When you join the challenge, you join a team of individuals and professionals supporting each other towards a common goal. 


Committing to your goal is only half the battle. To be successful, you’ll need the tools and knowledge to get there. From healthy recipes to expert videos, the 30-Day Challenge gives you the tools you need to meet your goals and see results.

What’s Included

  • Initial and post assessments  ($40)
  • Health coaching session ($85)
  • Cookbook and meal plans ($99)
  • Daily monitoring of club check-ins and My Fitness Pal food logs ($175)
  • Weekly videos with our nutritionist ($80)
  • Results-driven exercises from our personal trainers
  • Comprehensive resource which includes information on healthy food choices, stress management practices and suggestions for healthy lifestyle choices
  • Private Facebook group
If you were to buy these services individually, it would cost $479. But, we are offering the 30-day program for only $129! ($159 for non-members). Plus, the first 10 people to sign up will receive a free BodyBusiness t-shirt!

Need Extra Incentive? There Will Be Prizes!

Platinum Level

The Requirement: Log your food for all 30 days and check in to the gym at least 20 times.

The Prize: A special gift plus be entered into a raffle to win a water bottle, 60-minute table massage and 6-month membership to BodyBusiness.

Gold Level

The Requirement: Log your food for 25 days and check in to the gym at least 16 times.

The Prize: A special gift plus be entered into a raffle to win a water bottle, 30-minute table massage and 3-month membership to BodyBusiness.

Silver Level

The Requirement: Log your food for 20 days and check in to the gym at least 12 times.

The Prize:  A free gift and be entered into a drawing to win a water bottle, 15-minute chair massage, and 1-month membership to BodyBusiness.

For the past few years, I have slowly and steadily been gaining weight and recently discovered that I was prediabetic.  I have lost 10 pounds  but the greatest change  has been the tremendous improvements in my strength, energy and sleep. I feel better than I have in years thanks to BodyBusiness and Kimberly’s nutrition program.

Alix Knauth, Member and previous program participant


Join the 30-Day Challenge


The 30-Day Challenge is open to anyone that wants to re-establish a healthy eating and fitness regime.

Complete the form to sign up for the BodyBusiness 30-Day Challenge. A BodyBusiness representative will follow up shortly to complete your registration and provide details on how to get started. Got questions or prefer to sign up by phone? Give us a call a (512) 459-9424.


$129 Members
$159 Nonmembers (Includes 30-day BodyBusiness membership)

The first 10 people to sign up will be receive a free BodyBusiness t-shirt!