Austin Kung-Fu AcademyKung-Fu

7739 Northcross Drive, Suite G
Austin, TX 78757
Phone: 512.323.0805
Website: http://www.austinkungfuacademy.com

Tell us about your business.

We are Austin Kung-Fu Academy. We specialize in teaching Tai Chi, Kung-Fu, & Self Defense for Children, Women, and Men in a very safe, fun, and positive atmosphere!

Our Kids Kung-Fu program is our biggest and most popular program, it is really transformative! Focus, confidence, fun, anti-bullying techniques – it’s all there!Our Adults program combines Kung-Fu and Jiu

Our Adults program combines Kung-Fu and Jiu Jitsu, and focuses on developing fantastic partnerships to elevate each other. It is a fantastic community! Our Tai Chi program is a small, but wonderful community, where we focus on developing structural alignment while developing calmness through slow movement.

Meet Austin Kung-Fu Owner and Tai Chi Instructor Santanu Rahman and learn more about the Austin Kung-Fu Academy!

How long have you been in business?

We have been open for 10 years!


Austin Kung-Fu Academy Owner
Santanu Rahman

How did you get started?

We started in 2006 inside BodyBusiness on Anderson Lane! Back then, there was a room called the “Mind Body Room”. We would teach our classes in there. Eventually, we outgrew the space, and BodyBusiness was closing that space down, so we moved across the street in 2009 to the Northcross Center (next to Walmart).

What excites you most about your business?

We LOVE to teach! We have a very dedicated interest in seeing real improvement, be it in health, self-defense, or a greater sense of focus and confidence. We share in our students’ success! When they succeed, we succeed! We lay out goals, and our students put in the work to achieve them.

What’s most challenging?

There are two very challenging things about our business:

  • One, is when a person doesn’t believe in him or herself, and says what I consider to be the most lethal words in the English Language, “I can’t.” That is the hardest. But, let us work with you, and perhaps we can change that to, “I’ll try a little”!
  • Two, is really spreading the word about what it is we do. Our set up is very unique, our approach is very unique. We are the perfect martial arts training school for beginners, and we’d love more people to develop real self-defense skills in a very safe, fun, and positive way with us! So to that end, whoever reads this and contacts us, gets a free 1 Week Trial with us! Just mention BodyBusiness! Please visit our website at AustinKungFuAcademy.com and take a look around. We’re also on Instagram @austinkungfuacademy where you can see some pictures and videos of us in action!

Click the image below to download our flyer for Kids Kung-Fu Classes.