I came to BodyBusiness several years ago because I wasn’t making much progress at the gym where I was before and I was feeling really stuck. I decided it was time to get serious about my health so I started working with my trainer, Mendy, in the hopes that she could inspire some changes in me.

I’m a recovering food addict, I have hypothyroidism, and a 6 year-old with my genes who needs a teacher on how to take care of her little body.  I’ve been overweight my entire adult life and was so sick of feeling uncomfortable all the time.

When I had my daughter, I realized she needed me to teach her how to live and to love her body. With that, I knew I couldn’t just say, “you should eat vegetables” and not do the same myself. I understood it was time to do this “for real,” so to speak. I was never very good at taking care of myself, but in taking care of her and preparing to teach her to take care of herself, I was able to recognize that I needed to take care of myself.

I grew up on a ranch and always worked hard. I always knew I was strong, but I never understood that I’m also athletically inclined. With Mendy’s and others’ help at BodyBusiness, I finally lost -what I call, “the back forty.” I knew was overweight, but looking back, I somehow wouldn’t let myself see how much I needed to lose. I will never gain that much back. My life has evolved to include movement almost every single day. I get very uncomfortable if I don’t move. My food has changed as well. When I even imagine eating the way I ate before, I feel a little ill. My body has changed what it tolerates as well. What has changed is so much more than my body. It’s much bigger than that. Every part of how I live is different and I’m so grateful!!

Are you ready to make your own long-term change to a healthier lifestyle? The next BodyBusiness Total Transformation Program begins January 13, 2020.

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