Assess Yo Self

This week was the 6th and final week of the inaugural season of TRIBE at BodyBusiness, which means we had our final season assessments. This assessment is a repeat of the exact same block of exercises we were tested and scored on during our very first day of TRIBE. Did I mention that those scores were recorded ALOUD in front of your entire TRIBE and that I was last? Like REALLY last. I had two choices  -prepare the best I could or call in sick. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need to take this test to prove I had been working hard so maybe I shouldn’t go, why get upset over something that didn’t even matter? It’s not like I would get voted off the proverbial island if I didn’t take it.

You Can Talk Yourself Out Of Anything

There is a change that happens when you start to negotiate or compromise with yourself. I was telling myself that I would just skip the test and come back for the final session. I have such a long way to go. “What does a stupid test mean to anyone?” Then it hit me like a punch in the gut (or an accidental knock to the head with the ViPR). Worse than just not showing up for my TRIBE was that I would know and I would have to live with the shame of being too scared to try. I finally determined that no matter what my progress or regression was, facing those numbers head on had to be less bad than the guilt I was already feeling when I was thinking about bailing out. I can’t imagine the regret I would have if I didn’t go and didn’t get the opportunity to take the plunge, be #FEARLESS,  and embrace the challenge.

Is This Even Working?

The final assessment to me, was everything I had been dreading for six weeks. Literally, thought about it every single day and not just the days I meet with the rest of my TRIBE. Every. Single. Day. Every time we worked out as I TRIBE I would try and figure out if today was the day that I would see some sort of magical breakthrough of progress. I never saw it. I never stopped going or trying but I couldn’t help but think, what if this wasn’t working and what if I made zero progress?


The weekend and days leading up to my Tuesday TRIBE test were a hot mess. And the preparation and lengths I went to trying to create the perfect pre-game conditions which I of course thought would determine my score probably made me look like I had wandered off the ranch. I had to poll everyone I know at BodyBusiness and ask if they were nervous and what they were doing to prepare. The looks I got were gems. The answer over and over again was, “um no I am not “preparing”, why would I be nervous of course I’ll do better and it doesn’t really matter as long as you feel better.” WHAAATTTT? Everyone at BodyBusiness was so supportive which made me want to do everything I could not to let them down. Let the over preparing begin.

Here is what my prep looked like (And I wish I was kidding):

Night Before

  • Laundry done the day before so I would have workout pants or shorts to choose from
  • Tested workout t-shirts for length and softness, along with shoes and favorite socks
  • Located a wristband sweatband because there will be no time for towels
  • Water bottle and Advil ready to go
  • Discovered that we were out of protein bars – panic
  • Identify alternate protein/carb balanced snack

Morning Of

  • Up Early
  • Terrible gut-wrenching stomach ache, probably from a poor food choice from the night before
  • Water bottle vitamin mix prep
  • Snack consumed 50 minutes before
  • Apply Icy-Hot head to toe
  • Advil
  • Early arrival to judgement day

Let The Chips Fall Where They May

As we pulled up a BodyBusiness, my stomach ache got worse and I wanted to bolt. But as we walked up to the front door, the awesome front desk early crew and their smiling faces were all there and were excited about the big day, They went out of their way to tell us they knew we were going to rock it. My stomach hurt less or everything was becoming a blur, maybe I was on the verge of passing out. On the way to the arena, I also saw the familiar face of my trainer (I have to workout on the side to keep up with my TRIBE) was there working out (or there to make sure I wasn’t a no show…) and said, “you can do it! As I walked into the TRIBE arena (which is incredible by the way – like in a top conditioning center kind of way, the music was bumping and there was no turning back.

The Shift

I looked at the board and scanned the first text block of exercises. The first part of the test was a 10-minute block. During this block, our TRIBE moves through a series of exercises in a specific order. Once you complete the set, you start again from the top. Rinse and repeat. The second part of the test is a timed series of three, plank exercise until exhaustion or until you drop. Not dead of course but just until you can’t do it any longer. I remembered these exercises from the first test. As I look back across the last six weeks it occurred to me that these exercises weren’t even the hardest things we had ever done. And the transitions between exercises that once seemed impossible seemed to make perfect sense. My fear was now melting into a strategy. I could feel myself starting to put things together differently making the mental transition in through from survival to success. This was huge.

Locking In

We were given our initial numbers to beat, and went to our places to warm up. My strategy was to make sure that I was truly warming up and not crushing it so I would still be fresh for the assessment. After the warm up, it was go time. I gulped down some more of my energy drink mix, made sure my towel was nearby and that all of my gear was accessible and set for the transitions.

At that moment, I felt myself totally lock in like never before. It was both a physical and mental change. I have never been a competitive athlete, but from what I understand it was similar feeling to locking in before a big game or meet. No time for fear, just focus. Let’s do this.

Racing Against The Clock

The time starts and I was on it, I am not in my head but somewhere else that is pushing me to perform and not shutting me down with the fear of failing. And I think that I am on a good pace. I look around and for once I thought wow, I am not hopelessly behind everyone else. Could it be that I was on pace with my TRIBE? I kept going as I heard were at the halfway point and I was only one round behind my total number from the first test. I was going to really do this and I went into some sort of autopilot. As we neared the time call, I could feel my entire body burning and thought I would not be able to finish but dug deep and knocked out an additional round. Time is called. I increased my total number of rounds completed by three and a half. THREE AND A HALF!

I felt like Daniel-San in the Karate Kid and all I could hear in my head was the song, “You’re The Best Around, No One’s Ever Gonna Keep Ya Down…”. You know the scene. I had just “swept the leg” and I was pumped. And now round two. My arms were on fire and I thought there is no way I can do one more thing and certainly not planks. And planks with movement, I couldn’t do one with movement the first time. I just planked. Time began and from the start, I was struggling but still on my Karate Kid high, I gutted it out as long as I could and shouted my name so my time cold be marked.

I collapsed onto the floor and laid in my own pool of sweat with my eyes closed as I listened to my TRIBE-mates continue to plank their hearts out. And each time I heard one drop and say their own names it was like a stake in the ground. I knew that all boats had risen with the tide and we all outperformed ourselves. I increased my time by 31 seconds and I did the movement of the planks.

+3.5 Rounds, +31 Seconds.

There were high-fives all around and actually a lot of post challenge bonding and chatter as our TRIBE Trainer read off our results one by one. We did it – we all outperformed our individual scores but we did it as a team, our TRIBE. And we couldn’t help but start to talk about coming back, next season. There was no fear, no dread. Only sweat, support and high-fives. And a euphoric TRIBE high kicked in. I increased by rounds by 3.5 rounds and added 31 seconds. I felt like a champion. For the first time in a long time, I was really proud of myself.

But the main teachable moment from the last six week I have learned is that this transformation, working to make the outside look like the inside feels isn’t going to be easy. It’s supposed to be hard, sometimes it will suck and sometimes it will be awesome. It’s going to hurt, I’m going to be sore and coating myself with Icy Hot and maybe even break me a little. And you know, that is exactly what is supposed to happen and knowing that I finally believe I can push myself to a new level. Forget the score and focus on the goal.

We were back at TRIBE Thursday for the final day of the season and it felt like the last day of school before summer break. As excited as we were to celebrate our six-week accomplishment, it was time to take it up a notch and push harder, increase the weights, grab a heavier ViPR and start working on breaking the next barrier. It was the hardest workout of the season for me. Not because of the exercises themselves but because I wanted it more, had a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish and fully understood the joy of success. I am ready to do this – FEARLESSLY. It starts tomorrow in the dark at the crack of dawn preparing for the next challenge. Bring it on. I can do anything I put my mind and heart into.

p.s. – The entire BodyBusiness crew has been working hard to build out some rockin’ playlists to inspire your workout and you can listen to them all on our BodyBusinessAustin profile on Spotify. We are adding new playlists all the time to follow us so you don’t miss any updates! You can listen to my #FearlessFriday playlist along with other great new playlists from the BodyBusiness team.

This week’s #FearlessFriday jam is “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida. I certainly have had a good feeling all week floating around on a TRIBE high. Even the video shows Flo Rida workin’ it out, if this doesn’t get you up and moving, I am not sure what will!

Link To My Jam:

See you back here next week and have a #FEARLESSFRIDAY!