Back to School – Back to Work

Summa Summa Summa Time I love this time of year. The changing of the seasons. I don’t mean in the traditional weather sense since we will be sweating here in Austin for more months to come. I mean in the sense of a change in direction, focus and how I spend my time. The summer days of a less rigid schedule, vacations, as well as summer programs (click here to view), long weekends, ice cream hall passes (yes, it’s a thing) and well, the excuses for not doing some of the things I should are coming to an end. It’s Back to School season which means it’s also a great time to get Back to Work. And by work, I mean working out. Bound by nothing as a kid, I remember loving the long, carefree and hot days of summer. The school year always seemed painfully long but the summer seemed to last forever in the best possible way. Summers meant riding bikes all over town with friends, laying out on those plastic folding chaise lounges where the tubes always broke, running through the sprinkler in the backyard, Popsicle stains running down my t-shirt and most importantly freedom. I was bound by nothing. That is not exactly true. I mean, I was a kid so there were limits but I wasn’t bound by a teacher, a desk, a classroom or homework. So I guess it felt like I was free as a bird. Each day in the summer meant waking up alarm clock free and lazy days with time to dream of new adventures. It felt like in the summer, my parents seemed to encourage my imagination to go wild and live out all the crazy ideas I had. I was #FEARLESS.

Bike WashNeighborhood Bike Wash – Genius Idea

My poor parents. There were summers of bike washes (super lucrative by the way), tennis lessons, lemonade stands (drank all the product or reused the cups – neither one a good business model), new summer movies, babysitting camp (always count the kids), clubhouse forts, sleep overs, big wheel races down the middle of the street, firefly catching and playing school. What?

Dittos For Days

Wait a minute, playing school? School was the antithesis of what summer was all about. The exact opposite of all the summer freedoms I held so dear to my heart. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t an everyday occurrence but I remember having friends over and we would get out old worksheets or dittos (raise your hand if you remember the ditto), sharpening our pencils under the direction of whichever bossy kid was playing teacher, packing school bags and sometimes even taking tests. I was never the kid to dive into the weekly rewarded summer reading program but on occasion you could find me working on a ditto or playtime homework.

More Issues Than Vogue

I guess a psychiatrist could really break down why I would participate in playing school and start to list out all of my issues. Nobody has time for that. My own self-diagnosis tells me that it means is that as much as I liked having my summer freedom part of me also liked and missed the rigor or my school routine. I wasn’t a great student until college but to me, there was always an excitement about going back to school and the preparation of getting ready for a new year of possibilities prior to actually going there and have your dreams die a little. I was a nerd so those possibilities were squashed fairly quickly but for a brief moment, the idea of getting back into a routine seemed comforting and exciting.

One day each summer, we would drive to my school to find out who my new teacher would be and pick up the school supply list. The school only seemed to turn on half the lights and the building was never set up quite right on these visits but it felt like getting a sneak peek into the future. What where those teachers doing in the dark? Do they really stay here all summer? And WHAT’S ON THE SUPPLY LIST!!!

Stack On Stacks

After picking up the list, my mom would take us to a department store like a Target or Kmart and it was game on. From the moment the waft of cold air hit me in the face through the automatic doors and I could see the towering piles of spiral bound notebooks in every color, Kleenex boxes, shiny lunchboxes, pens, pencils – I was in my own world. Who needed a list when there was just so many incredible things to choose from? What didn’t I need for school?

Oh Snap – The Trapper Keeper

I remember getting all the required gear: folders, pencils, glue and thinking about all the things I would create with the ridiculous amount of loose leaf paper we were required to buy. I was meticulous about which items I selected, the right pencils, a new school bag, exactly the right lunchbox and the coolest Trapper Keeper that I thought I could possibly pull off without being completely mocked. It was sweet perfection. When we would get home I remember laying everything out on my bed including my new clothes and sneakers and basking in the glory of my new gear thinking, this is going to be a great year. That wasn’t always the outcome, but the hope of a fresh start and a new routine was always so exciting to get back into.

Back to the Gym Is the New Back to School

As an adult, I still secretly love the school supply aisle even though now it is displayed next to the Halloween and Christmas decorations already on display. I don’t have kids so there is no organized supply list to fulfill but I can look and long for the days of my Trapper Keeper. Although now I don’t have the hard re-set of a school year, it’s still a benchmark season where I can reset for new possibilities and a new routine. But now instead up going to school and tying my gym shoes to the rung on my tiny desk in a classroom, it’s lacing up my shoes before dawn to head to BodyBusiness to get Back to Work.

Say See Ya Next Year To Your Summer Gym Buddies

Summer training and classes were super fun and a huge jump start on my aggressive plans for the fall. The summer is a great opportunity to meet new gym members. They are often times on a revised summer schedule or fitting in a workout during summer work hours or while their kids are away at camp and I wouldn’t normally meet them during my routine workout times. It’s a fun change of pace. While it’s been fun working out with my summer gym buddies it’s just like Back to School. Many of them are buddies that are headed back into their fall routines and the familiar faces of my regular season gym mates are popping up again. It’s a little like saying goodbye to your summer camp friends. It’s a little sad but you had a good run, you know you will see them in passing during off scheduled visits and you are already looking forward to seeing them again next summer. The good news is that it’s easy to get right back into the swing of things with your school year group. Just make sure you haven’t taken their spot in class. (This too is also a thing.)

Back to The Rigor – It’s Comforting

I find that this time of year, I take extra comfort in the routine and the rigor of my more rigid, non-summer morning workouts. Knocking a great workout out early sets the table for a successful rest of the day. I almost feel like the summer doesn’t count, although obviously it does. But at the end of the summer, I feel like I am now in perfect mental and physical place to check back in at the gym and Get Back to Work. Family and personal routines are set, summer office hours are now a thing of the past and there are no summer excuses standing between me and my workout goals and what I can achieve. I am bound by nothing.

Just like the first cool fall breeze (not matter how long we have to wait for it), there is something refreshing and familiar about the Back to School season that translates well into a Back to the Gym season. Unlike the empty and unrealistic promises and resolutions many people make on the first of every new year, this season is different. I feel like I have a fresh starting point and the end of summer does not come with the same glutinous guilt that new year has which is motivating and hopeful and not daunting or setting myself up for failure but to #FEARLESSLY crush this new commitment to my own well being.

So Fresh & So Clean

So as I throw out my Popsicle stained t-shirts, I am going to enjoy one of the childhood Back to School joys and apply it to my new fall workout routine. I am going to recreate the pure bliss of school supply shopping. Instead of buying pencils, folders and notebooks, I am going to pick up some fresh workout gear. Instead of picking up my new classroom schedule, I am going add some new things to my workout, recovery and nutritional schedules. Just like the nervous and excited anticipation I had for each new school year I can’t wait for the start of the new workout season ahead.

And the great thing about this is, I know it’s possible because my BodyBusiness community won’t let me fail. They are ready to get Back to Work and help me and well, all of us, achieve more than we even think we can. And all the supplies we really need are all under one roof on Anderson Lane. Gosh, I love Back to Work season. It’s going to be great seeing all my friends again and hear about their vacations while doing burpees or something equally challenging. I’ll be saving your spots.

This week, my featured jam is a shout out to my parents that worked hard to make sure we had everything. Not just the stuff we wanted but the things we really needed to be good kids. And hopefully not set things on fire. Enjoy Mama Said by Lukas Graham. The lyrics are everything and you can find it on my #FearlessFriday playlist on the BodyBusinessAustin channel on Spotify.

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