Better. Faster. Stronger. Well, At Least Stronger.

When it comes to exercising, eating better and getting healthy, sometimes it can seem like a long, slow, endless road. For me, there are always the lingering fears. What if I am not in shape enough do the workout? When the heck am I going to start noticing a difference or feel stronger? I thought maybe I could at least notice a change by seeing if my clothes felt or looked different.


All I can say is Thank You for the poorly defined Athleisure Wear movement, which I am leveraging as cover while I am working hard to get back into shape. Currently I am in a phase of wearing a lot of all black clothing head to toe and really, really forgiving pants that can grow or shrink as determined upon the state of my physical condition any given day. So my current wardrobe consists of elastic waistband cropped pants in black (Or “Fants” as I like to refer to them, short for Fat Pants) and some sort of black shirt for casual days and a fancier version for work. I don’t like it but prior to getting back into the swing of things at BodyBusiness, it was an easy way for me to not deal with physical situation and feel less bad about myself. It’s a blessing and a curse – it allows me to function as a normally clothed person that struggles to fit into “regular clothes” but it has also enabled me for a long time.

ElasticThank You Elastic Waistband Creator

My “Fants” are so key to my wardrobe that I became curious about the pioneer that invented the elastic waistband that I am so dependent upon. After a little research, I found that the elastic waistband was actually patented on April 23rd in 1973 by Saad Chujfi A. Should I ever have the opportunity to meet this genius, I would probably hug him in a death grip to show my gratitude for developing such a foundational product of my everyday life. Without the elastic waistband, I would likely not be wearing pants at all, so I guess you can all thank him too.

The Proof Is In The Pudding, Err, The Proof Is In The Push Up

Often times, people use their wardrobes as a gauge for their fitness progress. In my case, everything always fits due to the super elastic nature of my clothes, so it’s not always easy to tell. I have had to find other ways to benchmark progress. After committing myself for the last four months to working out at BodyBusiness 5-days a week consisting of three days of training and two days a week of TRIBE, and becoming more active on the weekends, this week, I can say without a question of a doubt, for the first time I feel like I am getting better, faster and stronger.

Here Is How I Know:

  • This week in my personal training, I was able to push not only my trainer (yes the awesome human being that courageously and gracefully and by choice trains me with all my flaws with boundless encouragement and doesn’t want to hurl me into traffic when I get down or crazy) but also a 45-pound weight back and forth across the TRIBE arena on the sled repeatedly as a timed exercise.
  • In TRIBE, I am now using a heavier ViPR and with a little encouragement have increased the weight of my medicine ball and dumbbells. You see, I normally like to hang out at the lower end of the rack weight with the pink weights and see what I can get away with. Those days are gone.
  • I was able to knock out prone rows (the right way, not on my knees) using the dumbbells with confidence that I would be able to complete all of the required sets.
  • I benched and leg pressed solid reps of more weight than I ever have before.
  • I can now perform more reps of a variety of exercises within a given time-frame.
  • I think that my stomach has shrunk a little. I can’t identify as much back fat as I am used to which is pretty exciting. Yes, I said it – back fat. It’s a thing. I don’t like it but it’s a thing.

It’s really hard for me to admit to seeing progress, because I still have so far to go. I am not even sure if these tiny indicators even mean anything? When are the big changes going to start happening? When are people going to start believing me that I work really hard in the gym and that I really am making progress? Waiting for big changes makes me feel like Linus in, It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, waiting in the patch when he yells, “WHERE ARE YOU?!?” I want to know, big changes where are you?

Turns Out, The Little Things Are The Big Things

So none of the changes I called out are major. My Fants aren’t falling off due to weight loss, I don’t need a new wardrobe but on the flip-side, I am no longer testing their fiber strength by stretching them to their capacity either. See, less bad. So what I have learned is that these little signs of improvement are the big things and much more significant. And someday soon all off these little things that I am starting to notice will add up to big change and get me closer to matching the outside to my inside.

It Takes A Village

I just have to keep routine, push myself and give it all I’ve got. The BodyBusiness Trainers and Staff make me feel like a superhero by encouraging and challenging me in new ways, and they call me out when they know I can do more. They have the expertise and tools to push me beyond what I ever dreamed was possible. There is no way that I would ever be able to do this without them. For one, I wouldn’t want to, and secondly, I admire them so much for their talent – not just as trainers but as really great people that treat their clients as individuals and learn what makes us all tick to get the best from us. In my case, sometimes it takes a village to kick me into gear or to pick me up when I struggle.

I’m just so lucky that my BodyBusiness Village is committed to supporting me as I continue to get Better, Faster, Stronger and hopefully, leaving the Fants behind.

p.s. – You like the BodyBusiness Spotify playlists, you really like them! There are some new lists ups this week that you should look up and listen to for your next workout. You don’t know where to find them? Look up the BodyBusinessAustin profile name on Spotify. This is where you can also find my blog inspired #FearlessFriday playlist.

This week’s #FearlessFriday jam is “Stronger” by Kanye West. When he is not picking a fight with Taylor Swift, with a little focus he can knock out a good workout song. Thank you for reading, have a great weekend and be #Fearless!

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