Free Trial Week | July 30-August 3, 2018

Are you looking to make a change in your fitness routine? Maybe you’ve been committed to your workouts but just aren’t seeing results? Small Group Training at BodyBusiness Fitness Club might be the new challenge you need, and your chance to try a session free returns during our next Trial Week, July 30-August 3, 2018.

What is Small Group Personal Training?

Small group training is a workout option that combines the personalized attention of a certified personal trainer at an affordable rate in a fun environment. Held in 6-week seasons, classes are limited in size and focus on driving results. From Tribe FIT to TRX, there are a variety of options and intensity levels. 

Why Small Group Training? Why Not Just Go to a Group Exercise Class?

Our Group Exercise Classes offer a great workout, a chance to connect with other club members, and the flexibility to try new classes as your interests and schedule allow. And while there are definitely some similarities to our regular fitness classes, small group training offers a few advantages.

  • Small group workouts increase in intensity over the season, so you’ll always be working harder. This is one of the keys to seeing results.
  • Small group seasons focus on measurable results. You’ll undergo assessments on your first and last days of the season, so you can see exactly how much progress you’ve made.
  • Because groups are limited in size, you’ll get more personal instruction from your certified fitness trainer. They’ll better able to help you with things like modifications for limitations or correcting your form to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Signing up (and paying) for a small group season creates more commitment and more accountability.
  • You’ll work out with the same small group members each session, which helps to foster a team environment, plus it makes the workouts more fun!

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Small Group Personal Training Session at BodyBusiness Fitness Club in Austin

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    Season 5 Small Group Training Free Session Schedule

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    Small Group Training Class Descriptions

    TribeFIT™ is a strength and endurance HIIT conditioning program designed for any committed individual regardless of fitness or experience making it the ideal fitness regime. Tribe FIT™ will increase your strength and endurance, burn fat and calories and produce functional full body fitness results leaving you looking and feeling amazingly fit.


    TribeCORE is a training program intelligently designed to bring toning, strength, stability and power to your core. TribeCORE trains muscles around your pelvis, hips, back and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles to leave you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs.

    Tribe CORE™ incorporates flexibility and stability training to achieve structural longevity and powerful, pain-free movement.


    TribeLIFE™ will make you functionally fit for whatever challenge life throws at you. It combines low-impact aerobic movements with functional strength exercises as well as core and flexibility exercises that will give you renewed energy to take on more of what life has to offer.


    All In Conditioning
    Built for all fitness levels to help increase muscle, endurance, and overall body function. Not only will you learn safe and proper lifting techniques, you will be inspired to move in ways that prepare you for real activities you confront in your everyday life! Using a variety of strength and athletic movements, you’ll be amazed what your body can achieve in a mere six-weeks!

    Exercisers of all levels will experience the great benefits that bodyweight training has to offer: increased muscular strength and endurance in both the upper and lower body, as well as tremendous core strength. Best of all, by using the TRX Suspension Trainer, every exercise can be adjusted to each individual’s personal level. Our TRX small group training is a 30-minute class.

    Turbo Calisthenics 
    Have you ever admired the physique of a gymnast, dancer or martial artist and thought, “wow, they don’t even lift weights and they look like that”? Join Turbo Calisthenics and you will learn the secrets to priming muscles tone, improving endurance, and burning fat while improving your coordination and overall energy.