Gainz BakeryPlease welcome Gainz Bakery to the BodyBusiness family of Community of Partners!

Learn about this amazing bakery in our interview with Owner Elaina Panagakos and their special offer to BodyBusiness members below!

You will want to stop by and see them soon!

Gainz Bakery Owner: Elaina Panagakos
Website: www.thegainzbakery.com
Phone: 302-604-2060
Address: 3220 Duval Rd Ap# 1906, Austin, TX
Email: thegainzbakery@gmail.com

Tell Us About Gainz Bakery:

We are the only bakery that truly is designed for health and taste. We offer very unique baked goods with unique ingredients that contribute to a complete, whole food meal.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

1 month

How Did You Get Started?

We created our “OGB’s” out of dietary needs for her husband and all of the “healthy” baked good alternatives focused on buzz words and not health.

What Excites You Most About Your Business?

We are like no other business, product, nor company. We strive to be completely different than our competitors and 100% honest.

What’s Most Challenging?

Trying to break into an industry that is overly saturated with over-marketed fads like “added protein” or gluten-free or 100% organic when these products offer little to no actual health purpose. One way we are going to try and overcome the competition is using a local SEO audit tool which will hopefully get more people through our doors. Having the right small business software might be able to push us along a bit more as well. A friend recommended I check out Salesforce. They have some useful information on the topic.

What’s One Thing You Want People To Know About You?

How passionate we are about our products/business and getting the masses to see all of the marketing ploys they’ve been victim too for so long.

Thank You So Much For Creating A Special Offer For Our BodyBusiness Members!

We would like to offer your BodyBusiness Fitness Club Community 15% off all orders.