Gainz BakeryWeekly Delivery from The Gainz Bakery

BodyBusiness is excited to announce that we’re now a drop-off site for weekly deliveries from The Gainz Bakery.

The three OGB flavors all start with the same base ingredients, sweet potatoes, oats, olive oil, agave, flax seed and then fruits and spices create our flavors. These OGB’s (original gainzbars) are vegan, gluten-free, non gmo, contain no trans fat, no added sugar, and no added protein.

Orders can be placed until Sunday at 12pm for Monday morning deliveries. Packages should be picked up within 24 hours, or same day if possible. Place orders at https://thegainzbakery.com/local-drop-off/ and use promo code bbdelivery for free delivery. See the front desk to pick up your order.