Gratitude Workshop with Kelly Corbet

Cicero called gratitude the “mother of all virtues,” and he really knew what he was talking about! Remembering and basking in the gratitude is one of the most joy-filled, transformative gifts we can offer ourselves and the world. Practicing gratitude can not only make us happier but improve health (while reducing pain), upgrade self-esteem, extend lifespan, better relationships — oh, this list could go on and on (thank you, researchers!)
Please join us as we learn ways to invite gratitude to the center of our lives, and enjoy its unbounded benefits. We will practice several meditation techniques, and discover “gratitude hacks” we can easily include in our dailiness.
Please wear comfortable clothes, and be ready to laugh!  
Tuesday, July 25th 
6:30 – 8:30
$35 members
$40 non-members

Register here, then call 512.496.9424 or stop by the front desk to complete payment to reserve your seat!