Please welcome Honest Mary’s to the BodyBusiness family of Community of Partners!

Welcome Our Newest Community Partner  and Interview With Nelson Monteith

Website: https://www.honestmarys.com/
Phone: 713-408-4998
Address: 9828 Great Hills Trail, Unit 300, Austin TX 7875
Email: nelson@honestmarys.com

honest mary's bowl

Tell Us About Your Business

We serve fresh grain bowls made from scratch each day using honestly good ingredients sourced locally and organically when possible.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Just a few weeks.

How Did You Get Started?

Mary (my wife) and I try to live a clean and healthy lifestyle, but we always found ourselves struggling to find really great & healthy food options when we left our own kitchen. So, we decided to create a healthy, fast, fresh, and delicious place that solved our own problem, and that we can share with everyone!

What Excites You Most About Your Business?

I get most excited about bringing life to people’s days. We all live crazy lives, and we want Honest Mary’s to be a sort of refuge for folks looking to revitalize or re-fuel with great food, kind service and a beautiful space that makes you feel like you’re at home in your own kitchen.

What’s most challenging?

Restaurants require a crazy amount of operational structures and processes to run smoothly, especially in the first few weeks and months. This, along with aligning our employees around our mission & goals, can be pretty challenging! 

What’s one thing you want people to know about you?

Wow, great question. I want folks to know that I am a Christian, which essentially means means that I rest all of my hope, peace & purpose in Jesus. I believe I’m a total mess on my own, but am completely secure and worthy in Him. This brings me the assurance and purpose I need to serve others with my life and gifts.

What Special Would You Like To Extend To BodyBusiness Members?

10% off the entire bowl for all guests that show their BodyBusiness pass.