Please Help Us Welcome And Get To Know Our Group Fitness Instructor: Kari Fox!

Kari teaches Barre Fusion on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. for the current Small Group Training season. To join Kari’s small group training team, call (512) 459-9424 or stop by the front desk!

Where Did You Grow Up?

Meet Barre Instructor Kari FoxI’ve lived in the Chicago area all my life. After college I lived in downtown Chicago until just this past October when I moved to Austin.

What Inspired You To Go Into The Fitness Business?

I’ve been dancing since the tiny age of 2. After college I really missed dance so I started taking a dance fitness class and that’s where it clicked. I thought – I could do this! So I got my group fitness certification and then a specialized dance certification, WERQ, and that’s where it all started. I then started branching off into strength, core and other formats.

What Was The Worst Job You Ever Had?

For the first many months out of college I was a receptionist at a company that didn’t have anyone come through the front door (besides employees) and I was bored to tears. Along with nothing to do I got no data signal and the company blocked every website but their specific sites (no gmail, facebook, etc) I was out of there real quick with no real work to do and really absolutely nothing to do. What did people do back then with no internet?!

North Austin personal trainer Kari FoxWhat Do You Do During Your Free Time?

For me, most of my free time is spent teaching or working out. I have a full time job as a IT Project Manager so fitness is what I use as a stress relief – it is something I really enjoy. My husband and I really enjoy going on hikes all throughout Austin.

Do You Have Any Pets?

I have 3 dogs. They aren’t with me in Austin but I grew up with them. 2 mini schnauzers and 1 boykin spaniel mix. I love to dog sit as well. My husband says we can’t get our own dog until we have a fenced in yard, so I’m pushing hard to buy a home in Austin!

Favorite Cheat Food?

Carrot Cake from the Grand Lux Café or Cheesecake Factory