Jason had been struggling with back issues for many years. It began as sciatic pain and got worse from there. “I went to numerous physical therapists and chiropractors but never was able to stop the pain.” After suffering for several years, Jason agreed to surgery which provided short term relief but after almost two years the cycle started over again and resulted in a second surgery.

After his second surgery, Jason committed to exploring anything that could help him avoid another surgery. He joined the Total Transformation Program at BodyBusiness Fitness Club to learn proper strength training. “I had always been intimidated by weight training and fearful it would hurt my back but I’ve learned how much strengthening my core helps support my back. Weight training has become an integral part of maintaining my back health and now I can really feel a difference when I don’t make it to the gym.”

In addition to his new knowledge about strength training, Jason learned a lot about his diet and how to make healthier choices resulting in a significant drop in his visceral body fat percentage, as measured on his last Dexa scan. As the father of two young kids with a busy career in the construction business, his life can be quite demanding. “It’s easy to get off track with food but the daily emails I received really helped. I also appreciated the customized sessions with BodyBusiness nutrition coach Rachel. She even came to our house and got the whole family involved! This helped us incorporate the changes into the whole family’s diet. Now we’re all eating healthier!”

Jason is committed to making these changes permanent. “I have so much more confidence walking into the gym. I don’t see maintaining these changes as optional. The health of my back, my body and my mental state is dependent on these habits and clearly related to healthier food choices and regular workouts. I’m so grateful to RP and the other coaches at BodyBusiness for the confidence to improve not only my strength but my overall health.”

If you’re on the fence, but a part of you is crying out for a change, we really don’t want you to miss this opportunity. The significant moments in our lives are fleeting and we think this is one of them. Remind yourself about what you have to gain by joining the Total Transformation Program before it’s too late.

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