Do you listen to music while you exercise?

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Do you listen to music while you exercise? New research published in the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology suggests that you should, in order to reap maximum benefits from your workouts. Many researchers have found that music enhances exercise, and this study summarized all the relevant research on the benefits of listening to music during exercise. There are many ways your can boost your athletic performance, like using betaine anhydrous, and now listening to music is another option for you while in the gym.

The authors of the article reviewed a total of twenty previous studies that examined the effects of adding music to exercise in different populations, and the results were clear: music benefits exercisers. Among the most prominent benefits of listening to music were increased motivation to exercise as well as improvement in exercise capacity and intensity. Some studies found that music was exceptionally helpful for patients undergoing cardiovascular or pulmonary rehabilitation or treatment for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Other studies found that adding music to exercise increased elderly exercisers’ confidence and life satisfaction. The study concluded that music is most effective when it coincided with people’s own personal preferences.

Now, you have a great excuse to buy some new music for your next workout!

What tunes get you moving? Need a little motivation – group exercise classes are a great music fueled motivation-fest.

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