After retiring early, Marie was struggling to find the balance in her new life. “I was used to the structure of work and adjusting to having full control over my schedule was a challenge. I fell into some bad habits and definitely was not living my best life as a couch potato!”

Marie had always been an active person, and missed having the energy and strength she needed to hike and garden for long periods of time. As a certified arborist and accomplished gardener, Marie loves to be out in nature but her increasingly sedentary lifestyle was preventing her from enjoying these activities. She also found it difficult to maintain healthy diet or exercise habits. “I thought after retiring I would have all this time to exercise and focus on losing some weight but I couldn’t figure out where to start and I got to feeling pretty stuck and defeated. I was definitely in a rut.”

Marie made the decision to get help. “Everything started to fall apart as I became more and more of a couch potato! My lack of energy, strength and even my recent blood work was telling me it was time to make a change.”

She came to the Total Transformation Program at a low point but has since made significant strides in her well-being.

“I joined the program because I wanted to lose weight and gain strength especially, in my core. I’ve accomplished those things but I think what I’m learning about making the best food and exercise choices for MY body as well as the importance of a support structure has been even more important.”

Marie really loved the team aspect of the program. “The group is an amazing help! The days you need a little extra motivation, they’re there to help bolster and encourage you. And other days I might be the one helping another member to keep going. It feels really great to be a part of it.”

Marie continues to lose body fat (which was confirmed on her last Dexa scan). She has also experienced a significant increase in her activity and energy levels. “In the beginning I would have days where I’ve thought to myself – how do I keep going? But then the strangest thing happened that I didn’t expect… It got easier!! Now I genuinely look forward to working out and I notice a difference in my body when I don’t. I never thought I would say this but I really miss it! Exercising is now fun and I can’t believe how good it feels to be strong again!”

If you’re interested in experiencing increases in your energy levels or rediscovering how good it feels to be in a strong body, join the BodyBusiness Transformation Program. We can help put you on a path to make 2019 your best year yet!