Mary Ann is an accomplished home cook with a background in restaurant management. She has been keenly aware of food trends that have both helped and hurt her over the years. As a mother of three and a caretaker for her mother, she has always had a lot of demands on her time and energy. For the past several years she has struggled with her weight; which is frustrating because as a young person she could eat whatever she wanted and never gain weight.

“Nutrition has been a concern of mine for many years. As a young person, I always just ate what I wanted and rarely exercised. I went on many crazy diets, lost weight, only to regain it. At the start of 2017, I wanted to begin from scratch and get a professional to help me find a sensible eating plan that would fit my cultural and practical needs. I chose Rachel to help me because she has always been honest about all things involving exercise and health in general. She is a model of healthy living herself so the choice was obvious.”

Mary Ann has lost approximately 30 pounds since January 2017 and feels great! “I am happy to say that the eating program Rachel helped me construct was easy and perfectly reasonable to follow. I am always happier when I am at a good weight; exercise is easier, I feel calmer, and I like the way I look! And the great news is that my HDL and triglycerides are really good and I’m working on my LDL.”

Rachel is proud of Mary Ann’s accomplishments. “She has dedicated herself to her goals and I’m very happy for what she has achieved. It’s so rewarding to see a client work hard and make such tremendous progress. Now she is able to meet the demands of her busy life with a new vitality. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

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