Where are you from?

  • California

How long have you been in Austin?

  • 14 years

How long have you been at Body Business?

  • Since March of this year.

Where did you go to school/degrees/certification?

  • I went to Texas Healing Arts Institute and Tao Health Center, as well as taking many other small massage and bodywork courses. I have over 1000 hours of massage training, and I am also licensed by the State of Texas to teach at massage schools and on my own as a continuing massage education provider.

How long have you been massaging/teaching?

  • I have been massaging for 14 years, and teaching for 11 years.

What is your favorite thing about training and teaching clients?

  • My favorite thing about massaging is helping people feel relief from pain. People often don’t realize how much pain affects their whole body, their mood, and their life. Being uncomfortable affects us in so many ways and it piles up so subtly that often people don’t even realize it is happening. I love to be involved in disrupting that pain cycle, and seeing a client’s life change all of a sudden just from the sheer relief of taking that constant pain away.

What do you love about BodyBusiness?

  • I love so many things about Body Business. It is one of the best places I have ever worked. I love the positive energy, and the way you can always hear people having a good time in classes. They play fun music, too. I love the clean, roomy spaces we work in. I love the club’s philosophy of helping people feel their best, and to bring good information to members, taught by smart, experienced, and competent instructors.

What is your favorite client moment?

  • Honestly, there are so many connections and deep things that happen in massage sessions, that my favorite times are the little misshaps and unscripted moments that happen that make you laugh together during a massage. I have had days where something so ridiculous happened while I was trying to give a serious massage, that I had giggle episodes for the rest of the day’s sessions… Times when you are trying to be really smooth and get caught being the total opposite of smooth, like accidentally spraying massage goop all over the room, or the stool sliding out from under you while you are impossibly tangled in someone’s hair. Or, the silly things clients do that make you realize that everyone is different and expecting something different from you in this moment. I think the key to thriving in this line of work is to not take yourself or others too seriously, and laugh at yourself whenever possible. So anytime I get a chance to laugh with a client, I do!

What is your favorite stretch?

  • My favorite stretch is the doorway stretch for pecs. You place your forearm on the side of a door, and lean forward until you feel your pecs stretching gently. It’s great to do after a chest workout or after pushups.

Favorite song on your workout playlist

  • Sorry by Justin Beiber. That’s right, I said it!

What quote that inspires you?

  • Discipline is remembering what you want.

Favorite cheat food?

  • Pizza! Which is a really big cheat, since I usually don’t eat wheat or dairy. 🙂