Get To Know BodyBusiness Member Tracy Vaught

Tracy Vaught has been a committed and enthusiastic BodyBusiness member for more than 10 years. She has seen the gym go through changes — new faces, new classes; she has even seen the building itself physically change. While so much about BodyBusiness remained the same — our emphasis on building a community and dedication to quality — stasis was not what Tracy was looking for in her life. She had dedicated herself to losing weight and walked through the gym’s door with that goal in mind.

A decade later, Tracy is still learning and putting in the work at BodyBusiness, but the way she approaches fitness has been totally reinvented. One day it hit her that a change was needed and decided to approach Sibylle Hohendorff, BodyBusiness’ Certified Pilates Instructor as well as a Personal Trainer, for help moving forward.

“My first impression of Sibylle was that she is fierce. The Pilates studio used to be in a different space with the massage area. I would come in for a massage and see what Sibylle and her clients were doing. I had an ah-ha moment in Santa Fe about 10 years ago when I was unable to get up from a squat by myself. I came back and started with Sibylle.”

Not only did she take to Pilates quickly but her and Sibylle formed a friendship that she holds dearly. “Sibylle and Pilates are part of me. I love Sibylle, and the Pilates makes me feel strong. I would follow her to the moon.” Tracy’s love for Pilates and admiration for her trainer quickly spread to her family as well: Her daughter Libby has been a client with Sibylle for several years as well now.

Spend a few days in BodyBusiness and you learn the place is full of interesting and varied characters: entrepreneurs, professors, artists, musicians, photographers, historians, poets. There is more than meets the eye as you walk past the dumbbells and medicine balls. The same holds true for Tracy: she is a talented artist whose story of following her passion is a classic tale of how we should never put limits on ourselves due to age, time or self-doubt.

“I’ve always wanted to do art,” says Tracy. “After my kids were grown, we had a client who was getting a divorce, and he was an artist. I started taking art classes from him, and I feel like I have taken off. I never did well in big art classes. I was easily discouraged when I saw other people’s work but working one-on-one with him has changed my life. I have learned to see things the way an artist does – keen observation is how you translate what you see to a painting.” Her art ranges from paintings and drawings of nature and animals to beautiful portraits of the human figure to charming depictions of everyday life.

Tracy’s not only an artist who has found her passion but a woman who has led a successful career as well. After getting her undergraduate degree in psychology, she became a CPA, which she has now been for 34 years. She worked at a sign manufacturing company as well as becoming the CFO of a publicly traded company. She has now worked with her husband, attorney Jimmy Vaught, at his law firm focusing upon family law, Vaught Law Firm, for more than 10 years in the role as the firm’s business manager.

“Running a divorce law firm is a hard job, but it is very rewarding also,” says Tracy. “You meet a lot of people on their worst day ever. Helping them put their lives back together in a more meaningful way is very rewarding.”

A varied and successful career, a passion that she has followed and a dedication to caring for her body — Tracy is as much a model of what you find in this gym’s members as anybody else walking the hallways here. Her curiosity, peeking into the Pilates studios while walking those very hallways, intrigued by the challenging and dynamic workout Sibylle was providing her clients, led her to a stronger body and a lifelong friend. We love seeing our members in the Tribe Room sweating through circuits and the smiles on everyone’s faces as another high-energy Dance class comes to a close — but this place wouldn’t be what makes it special without stories like Tracy’s: a member who has not only found a home for her fitness journey, but a community to be a part of as well.

Tracy’s story — along with all our member profiles — was researched and written by Front Desk Coordinator James Dudzik