Please Help Us Welcome And Get To Know Our Newest Personal Trainer: Andy Perez!

In addition to personal training sessions, Andy is teaching TribeLIFE on Tuesdays and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for the upcoming Small Group Training season. To schedule a session with Andy or to join his Tribe team, call (512) 459-9424 or stop by the front desk!

Where Did You Grow Up?

Meet Trainer Andy PerezI was born in Austin and raised just a country mile down south. When I was growing up, there use to be a distinction between the city and the country. Southpark Meadows use to be an actual meadow!

What Inspired You To Go Into The Fitness Business?

I was always an active kid and loved all sports. I learned the most from my older brother. Not only did he tolerate having his little brother follow him around, he was a great role model and an important influence on developing my love of sports.I worked with a strength and conditioning coach while training for football. We worked almost everyday one summer. I learned so much and I really benefitted from his tremendous coaching. At the end of the summer he teared up when I left. To see that I meant so much to him, and that he truly cared about me as a person still moves me to this day. He invested so much in his coaching and allowed others to make an impact on him. I love that theirs a job that I can invest in people and commit to helping them. As a coach I strive to learn, grow, and teach others as tremendously as he taught me.

What Was The Worst Job You Ever Had?

I worked for Abercrombie and Fitch during college. It was in Barton Creek mall. 1 Black Friday was all it took. I have never felt so overwhelmed, helpless, and abused during a job. People were possessed! Throwing clothes everywhere, arguing, fighting, and looting. I may have embellished a bit, but to this day I will never leave my house on Black Friday due to the horrors I experienced working one.

What Is Your Favorite Inspirational Saying Or Motto?

“It could always be worse” to me this little saying has always had me looking on the bright side of every problem I have. Knowing that things may be bad, but that I’m lucky enough to not have to experience worse is extremely uplifting and encouraging to me. As well, I have always added “and if it is as bad it can be well then it can only get better” this way no matter what I’ve got something to look forward to.

What Is The Most Embarrassing Song On Your Playlist?

“U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer
This song is one of my absolute favorites to dance to, and I have it on playlist because it is such a great motivator to get me moving. Sometimes I get so into it that I actually start dancing and moving along with MC Hammer. So if you ever see me stop and start hammer timing then you know exactly why.

What Is Your Favorite Song or Artist To Work Out To?

I really enjoy uplifting songs, so most of my playlist consists of pop songs. Whether it’s about falling in love, how awesome another person may be, or just a song about having fun I have it on my playlist. I would say I’m particularly partial to Katy Perry as her songs really resonate with me. “California Gurls” yeah that is definitely my jam!

What Do You Do During Your Free Time?

I spend a lot of time with my brother and we either are watching movies (especially during the summer) or watching football during the fall. I would have to say movies is my go to free time activity. I currently own over 500 movies and I constantly go out and watch newer ones. I love ALL movies. Action movies with superheroes, Oscar contenders with outstanding performances, and even kids movies (because they are typically hilarious and awesome). I love all movies no matter the genre.

North Austin personal trainer Andy PerezDo You Have Any Pets?

1 dog – Ellie. She is a boxer mixed that loves to play fetch and not give up the ball. She can also shake with both hands, I’m very proud of her for that.

Do You Have Any Unusual Talents?

I love drawing and writing. I try and write everything down as I tend to forget things. So if you every need a pen I typically carry around 10 and always have tons of paper.

Favorite Cheat Food?

Chips and salsa. If you put a bowl of chips and salsa in front of me I won’t stop until its gone.