Get To Know Director of Small Group Training and Personal Trainer RP Stuart

If you’re a regular at BodyBusiness in the morning, you’ve most likely seen groups of people working out in the Tribe Room. Waking up early to squat, lunge, jump and lift in the AM requires a good amount of motivation and if you saw those workouts, you most likely saw someone helping provide that motivation: Director of Small Group Programs and Lead Personal Trainer RP Stuart.

RP knows something about rolling out of bed to get your body moving while the birds first start chirping. RP spent his youth enduring grueling workouts while training for football – eventually earning him first team All-District 25-5A at running back and first team all-Central Texas utility back after a stellar career at Anderson High School in Austin. He enrolled at Louisiana Tech in 2007 after receiving a scholarship to play wide receiver for their program.

For clients who are battling injuries or struggling to bounce back from one, RP has been in your shoes. 2009 had been a promising season until a sprained ACL sidelined him. After a long rehab process, he returned to the team in 2012 and caught four touchdown passes for the season.

RP now uses the motivation he found to return the field to help others return to their daily lives. RP’s athletic background, wealth of knowledge and comradery are making a big difference for BodyBusiness members and enabling them to find new levels of strength. If you haven’t met him already, check out one of his small group sessions (your first one is free!) and see why we count him on to take us to the end zone.

And don’t forget to send him a big congrats: he and his wife Tiffney recently welcomed a new addition to their family – their beautiful baby daughter Naomi! RP was also recently announced as one of only five personal trainers to be included in the Statesman’s Best of the Best 2019 poll.

BodyBusiness personal trainer RP Stuart with his wife and baby


How did you get started and how long have you been a personal trainer?

Growing up as an athlete, I was fortunate enough to work with some type of personal trainer/coach from a young age. I have been involved in this general field my whole life and knew it’s what I wanted to pursue. Especially after enduring two knee surgery rehabs in college, it really motivated me to help others move to the best of their ability. I have been practicing personal training since 2012.

Do you have a specialty in any area of training?

I love working with free weights, barbells specifically, and coaching everyone in some sort of athletic fashion. I believe we are all athletes!

What sets you apart from other trainers?

My ability to listen to client’s goals and deliver programming that is suited for their needs and not mine. My encouragement throughout coaching sessions leaves participants feeling positive and capable! I love showing/teaching people how strong they can be!

Why use a personal trainer?

Two factors that I believe people benefit most from in personal training are expert advice and accountability. If you’re unsure of where to start, or unsure of a specific routine you are looking to do regularly, getting advice increases your chances of success. If you’re a person that loves the idea of working out and getting into shape but has a tough time making it to the gym, making that appointment really helps the rate at which people show up.

What’s the exercise most people struggle with/need help with?

Hip Hinge. I’d like to think this falls in the line of my specialty and I always enjoy the opportunity to coach a proper hinge!

How should someone pick a personal trainer?

When choosing a trainer, I believe someone should look to find a coach that can meet their needs physically and mentally. Having a trainer that you can’t connect with or trust immediately compromises the possibility of having a successful training regimen. There’s nothing worse than a stale training session. Look for someone that will help you feel good physically and makes the workout somewhat enjoyable… 😉

What classes do you teach at BodyBusiness?

All In Strength & Conditioning (Athletic style of training for adults looking to move and feel like an athlete)
Men’s HIIT Barbell (Strength and conditioning barbell training that helps men find ways to keep moving and feeling strong)

View the schedule of BodyBusiness’ current small group classes.

How does athletic background inform your training style?

BodyBusiness personal trainer RP Stuart catching a pass for Louisiana Tech's football teamMy athletic background is the root to my training philosophies. I have managed to train in a variety of settings with a large demographic of people, where I have taken bits and pieces I have learned along the way to best help/motivate whoever I get to work with.

What can someone expect if they choose you as a trainer?

When someone trains with me they can expect to have a “strong feeling” work out. My goal is to make sure everyone I work with feels better walking out the gym than they did walking in. Through positive reinforcement and a happy setting, you’ll be ready to come back for more!

Where did you grow up? Where have you lived?

Born and raised in the city of Austin, attended Hill Elementary, Murchison Middle, & Anderson High. Received a football scholarship to Louisiana Tech University where I studied and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. I quickly ran back to Austin as soon as I could!


Not going to lie, love some couch time! Big Netflix guy when I’m not being active or taking care of my new baby daughter, Naomi. I have a pitbull named Lula who loves playing fetch and hikes through the greenbelt. I’m a huge music fan.

Certifications? Schooling/Degrees?

Degree Kinesiology Health Promotion (Louisiana Tech)
Cert. ISSA Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Corrective Exercise

Do you remember your first client? Any lessons learned?

YES! What a challenge. Learning that people’s needs and goals are totally different than mine are what’s made me into the trainer I am today. My biggest take away was learning what may be easy to some is very difficult to others!

Do you have a personal go-to exercise?

Power/Hang Clean. Great exercise that utilizes the full body and generates a lot of strength and power!

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