When new Pilates clients see the Pilates Reformer and Cadillac apparatus in our Pilates studio with its trapeze, springs, poles and those fuzzy leather straps, they laugh nervously and ask if this is something out of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Well, this is Bodybusiness after all, so the answer is no. However, the Pilates reformer and accessories and some training can help give your sex life a boost. Just think about strengthening the pelvic floor and your abdominals via the bridging and pelvic tilts/ lifts that are practiced during a Pilates session. To totally enjoy sex you have to have the breath, body, mind and spirit aligned — the Pilates exercises are a great tool to achieve that alignment and create physical and mental awareness and confidence, which in return helps you to “open up” in the bedroom.

So, the take home message is this: Pilates studio work increases your circulation and makes your skin glow, additionally, the pelvic tilts, bridging and the abdominal strength will benefit you in the bed room. What are you waiting for???

Ready to experience the benefits of Pilates for yourself? Our Pilates Reformer small groups classes still have a few spots available. If interested, please contact Sybille at sibylle_h@bodybusiness.com for more details!

About the Author: Sibylle Hohendorf

Former BodyBusiness member Sibylle Hohendorf traded in her sedentary desk job for a career helping others get strong and healthy. She is now a Pilates instructor and certified personal trainer at BodyBusiness Fitness Club. Clients who train with her can expect a dedicated, compassionate and detail oriented instructor who will guide her clients safely and effectively. She will challenge you to your fullest potential to help you gain an increased body awareness (which is essential for good posture), perform better in life, look better and feel better!