Snap KitchenPlease welcome Snap Kitchen to the BodyBusiness family of Community of Partners!

Thank you to Alex Turner for sharing more about Snap Kitchen with us and joining our Community Partner Program!

Website: https://www.snapkitchen.com
Phone: 512-372-3900
Address: 3563 Far West Blvd. Austin, TX 78731
Email: alex_turner@snapkitchen.com

Tell Us About Your Business

We make fresh, prepared meals from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Our chefs & dietitians reimagine comfort food with a healthy twist. These are healthy prepared meals ready to go! We also offer 3, 5, and 7 day meal plans that consist of healthy comfort food to help you out if you have a goal or just don’t have time to cook.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

8 years

How Did You Get Started?

I’ve always had a passion for health, fitness and nutrition so this was I natural fit and something I’m excited to do everyday.

What Excites You Most About Your Business?

Helping people make healthy decisions about their nutrition even if they don’t have time or don’t want to cook. And it’s really good food, which makes it a no-brainer!

What’s Most Challenging?

The biggest challenge is getting people to realize how important nutrition is to your overall well being whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle or just feel better in general.

What’s One Thing You Want People To Know About You?

I have been in the health and wellness industry basically my whole life from working at supplement stores (GNC, Vitamin Shoppe) to being a certified personal trainer to playing professional baseball and coaching collegiate baseball. It is something I’m very passionate about and not “just a job”.

We Are Excited About Your Special Offer For BodyBusiness Members!

$10 off your first order online or via the iOS app using code: ATUR-HKV. And $20 off your first meal plan using code: GoPlanBased07 at checkout.