Small Group Training

History has shown us that by working as a team we gain far greater results than when we work out on our own. Small group training sessions at BodyBusiness Fitness Club offer a great way to challenge yourself with the support, camaraderie and motivation of a team.

Our small group training sessions offer a 6-week season designed to drive results and help you achieve your fitness goals. Classes are available for all fitness levels and interests.

Why Small Group Training? Why Not Just Go to a Group Exercise Class?

Our Group Exercise Classes offer a great workout, a chance to connect with other club members, and the flexibility to try new classes as your interests and schedule allow. And while there are definitely some similarities to our regular fitness classes, small group training offers a few advantages.

  • Small group workouts increase in intensity over the season, so you’ll always be working harder. This is one of the keys to seeing results.
  • Small group seasons focus on measurable results. You’ll undergo assessments on your first and last days of the season, so you can see exactly how much progress you’ve made.
  • Because groups are limited in size, you’ll get more personal instruction from your certified fitness trainer. They’ll better able to help you with things like modifications for limitations or correcting your form to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Signing up (and paying) for a small group season creates more commitment and more accountability.
  • You’ll work out with the same small group members each session, which helps to foster a team environment, plus it makes the workouts more fun! 

Small Group Training Season Rates

Full Season: Member $180 | Guest $200
Half Season: Member $120 | Guest $140
Drop In: $25 per session
One-Time Trial Session: Free

Start seeing results. Check out the small group training class descriptions below or talk with one of our certified fitness instructors to help you find the best class for you. When you’re ready to get started, call (512) 459-9424 to sign up or complete the interest form online.

Join a Group

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    Season 7 Schedule: November 12-December 21