Mindfulness 2.0: Leaning To Take Joy Seriously With Kelly CorbettKelly Corbet

This class will offer you everything you need to start finding your way back to your happiest self (and then some!) The outrageous benefits of mindfulness/meditation can be yours with just a little know-how and practice. Oh, and laughter.

Each class will focus on a theme around which we will do some fun (and often surprising!) exercises, and, of course, meditate.

Here are the individual class themes:

Session 1: Gratitude

There’s no quicker fix to finding our way back to joy than to practice being grateful. Sounds simple, AND IT IS!! We will also fill out a baseline questionnaire.

Session 2: Feeling the Love

Getting mindful includes feeling Love in our own bodies. The exercises from this class have actually, changed my life in big and immediate ways (that’s my hope for you, too!)

Session 3: Interconnectedness

Using physics and biology, we look at interconnectedness in a very scientific way. Don’t worry: you won’t need a calculator or a periodic table…just an open mind. Then, of course, we practice what we learned!

Session 4: Anger, Frustration, Irritation, Criticism

Being mindful doesn’t mean you’ll never get mad again (though, go ahead, become the exception!), but it DOES mean you’ll handle anger and its cousins) in a way that serves you and the situation best.

Session 5: Dailyness

Starting when you wake up, and ending as you drift off to sleep, we’ll discuss all sorts of ways to bring out the joy in even the littlest things (because there are no “little” things!)

Session 6: Clearing The Path (but, now you know, it’s not actually a path!)

In our final session, we will review the original baseline questionnaire, and after we spend some time marveling at the improvements, we’ll talk about other mindfulness “tricks” to continue improving. We’ll end with our longest and most luxurious meditation.

About Speaker Kelly Corbet

Kelly is a long-time Meditator, Author and self-proclaimed loud laughter. She is a lifelong student having studied everything from Chinese to Aerospace Engineering. She has run her own environmental consulting company and written two books. She has degrees from UT and Harvard yet firmly believes that love is the most real thing about us and the only thing that matters.

Please wear really comfy clothes!

Course Times (Select One):

Tuesdays at 6:30pm

2/7-3/21 (No Meeting 3/14)

Thursdays, 10:30am

2/9-3/23 (No meeting 3/16)

Cost for the six-week course is $99 and includes a signed copy of Kelly’s book.

Register here, then call 512.456.9424 or stop by the front desk to complete payment to reserve your seat!