In the fitness world there are a lot of techniques, philosophies, and programs that can be very effective to help us achieve our exercise-related goals. These are four techniques that when applied can ensure the program you’re doing is ideally individualized for you.

1. Specificity: What is the purpose of our workouts? Are you training to lose weight, build strength, or perhaps complete a half marathon? You should pick exercises, rest times, and lifting weight that will help accomplish the goals you set for yourself. The adaptations of the body will be specific to the demands you place on the body. Determine you desired training goals, then make specific changes to your routine.

2. Individuality: Some exercises just do not fit well with certain bodies. A common training mistake is trying do fit an individual to an exercise instead of fitting the exercise to the individual. We all move different and some of us are either dealing with current injuries or past injuries. We should all choose exercises that work with our body, and that we can accomplish safely and progressively.

3. Progressive Overload: Speaking of progression! Have you been doing the same exercise routine with the same weight or at the same speed for longer than you can remember? If so, then it might be time reanalyze what your fitness goals are. As mentioned before, our bodies adapt the demands we place on them. If we stop progressing, then our bodies will stop adapting. This also does not pertain to just lifting weight, we can increase our frequency of exercise or increase the difficulty of exercise selection.

4. Variation: The purpose of exercising should be to create a positive adaptation to the training program. Once this is done, we should look to eliminate the body’s accommodation or acclimation, where we no longer are adapting positively to our program. We all might hit plateaus where we can only run so fast or lift so much weight, and this is when variation can be extremely important. By changing training variables such as exercise selection or exercise order we can continue to benefit from our fitness workouts.

If you feel like you have plateaued, try introducing a couple of these variables to your workouts. You will notice that your workouts will continue to be challenging session after session, and you will keep progressing forward ultimately preventing any halt in your fitness goals.

About the Author: Personal Trainer Andy Perez

Andy Perez is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who specializes in corrective exercises, functional training and weight lifting, including power and compound exercise-based programming. Clients who train with Andy can expect a positive and encouraging atmosphere. “I believe in building on strengths and working hard to eliminate discrepancies (I don’t like the word weaknesses). I’m a very detail-oriented person, so a heavy focus on form is the biggest emphasis of my sessions. Workouts will be challenging, engaging, and purposeful. We’ll build on exercises and make sure each session is centered around your goals and the goals we establish together.”

Andy currently has a few opening for new clients interested in one-on-one training. You can also train with Andy during his Tribe LIFE/CORE  small group sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 a.m. To get started, contact Andy at andy_p@bodybusiness.com