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I’ve learned that before I can change my body, I have to change the way I think. BodyBusiness is not only in the business of changing bodies, it has changed my mind and that’s why it’s such an awesome gym! Having been a member for over a year, I’ve seen the benefits of changing the way I think which has resulted in walking for 10 miles every week, doing strength training 3 times a  week and losing 10 pounds. Wow! What’s not to love about that?!

Kay W.

“Incredibly upbeat environment! Teachers who really know what they are doing and how to make it fun. Best part of my day!”

Mary L.

“BodyBusiness, with its well-equipped studios and professionally staffed trainers, has been instrumental in helping me achieve my long-term goals of better health and significant weight loss. By constant positive encouragement and reinforcement of my goals in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere, they gently push me and keep me accountable on a daily and weekly basis.

Five years ago I was diagnosed with a cardiac event and diabetes.  I weighed in at 230 pounds, was losing my balance and felt sick much of the time. I began going to Body Business two times a week; I began walking on the treadmill and trying to get the weight off by small changes in diet.

With the help of the staff in weight lifting, exercise training, Pilates instruction and nutrition consultations, and increasing my attendance to four times a week, I am now at 160 lbs, no longer having balance problems and my doctor says I no longer have diabetes.

I could not have done it without my training team: Tracy and Sibylle.”

BodyBusiness Member

“This is a great gym.  I joined in January and I love it.  Everyone is very professional and fun to talk to.  I lost 30 pounds since I joined and dropped 4 sizes.  I love the Group Fight, Group Power, Cycle Challenge.  Thank you guys for helping me loosing weight and be the best shape now. Cheers!!”

Shaker A.

“I love this gym. It is the Cheers of gyms, they really do know your name. They really do care about you. The best trainers in town.

If you want impersonal often rude and gross go to a big box gym.
If you want a friendly atmosphere, real human interaction with staff and members,, great trainers, classes, squeaky clean, perks like towels and locks. Come join us at BodyBusiness on Anderson.”

When you stop by for a visit read the Vision statement on the wall. Once you become a member you will realize this is not hollow words to sound good. It is real and true.”

Robin M.

“Great gym. I’ve tried several gyms in Austin and this is my favorite by far. If you are looking for a huge gym with 100 machines, this place isn’t for you. It’s a good sized gym and and has nice equipment. There is a good amount of free weights and machines and they have a lot of classes (small group and big groups). They also offer private classes and their trainers are top notch.  There is a mix of people that go to this gym. It’s locally owned and has been around a long time. There are people who have been coming here for years and that is great to see.”

Monique H.

“Knowledgeable, caring staff – bright, clean club – and woman-owned. I have been a member for years and have the muscles to prove it – BodyBusiness has it all!”

Deborah K.

“Gyms are a tricky thing for me to review, seeing as how I don’t much like exercise and that’s kind of what they’re mainly for. Since I’ve been working out more regularly, and really wanting to do Yoga and weights classes, I was seeking an alternative to my generic super cheap gym and joined BB.

Here are some of the reasons I chose them:

— No contract for exhaustive periods of time
— Lots of different classes
— No meatheads
— You can plug your ipod/iphone into the jack on some of the equipment
— The pool & hot tub

Classes I’ve tried:
Fit Yoga: Is seriously hard. Your heart will race but not because you’re steppin to the oldies, just from poses.

Circuits: So  here you ARE steppin’ to the oldies. There are the cutest old folks in there who are, unfortunately for my self esteem, pretty fit

Zumba: It’s high energy fun, great latin music and one really annoying guy who I want to punch in the head. Position yourself so you can’t see him

Group Power: You’ll be sore for days afterward. Lots of reps and light weights

The one thing that keeps this spot from being 5 stars for me are the wonky hours. I actually have kept my cheapy gym membership because if I get the urge to finally look up from my computer at 9pm and go for a run, I can. If I want to work out Sunday, I can. Overall really happy with the experience here thus far and continuing down the journey, maybe I can get my workouts in at a reasonable time and the hours wont be such a big deal.”

Kelly S.