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The Folde Owner: Jordan Suydam
Website: www.thefolde.com
Phone: 512-676-5807
Address: 2311 Thornton Rd. Austin, TX 78704
Email: jsuydam@thefolde.com

Tell Us About The Folde:

The Folde is a lifestyle efficiency company dedicated to giving back free-time to customers through high-quality, on-demand laundry and dry cleaning.  Through an online ordering platform, customers can quickly and easily schedule their laundry and dry cleaning pick-up and delivery directly to their home or office.  The speed and convenience of this service saves customers an average of 4 hours per week

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Since February 1, 2017

How Did You Get Started?

We believe missing out on happy hour, the last innings of a big game, or the fish when they’re biting should never be part of anyone’s day. Because, ultimately, life is about having a good time doing what you love – not laundry.

The Folde was founded by three friends connected by outdoor adventures, spicy tacos, bone-rattling live music, and all of the little things that go with these pursuits – good stories, better salsa, and whiskey over ice. But this isn’t about us and it isn’t about our craft; it’s about our realization that happiness is a function of free time – our single most valuable resource.

It’s irreplaceable. And in a hellbent fury to find more of it, we dreamt up The Folde with a simple vision: create a service we would be excited to use if it existed. One that was built for life-livers looking to maximize their little chunks of remaining free time, somewhere between daydreaming and deadlines. An all-inclusive laundry service that at the click of a button could handle the abuse we put our clothes through on a daily basis. A service that gave us more time to keep getting clothes dirty, realizing nobody should miss out on life because of dirty underwear.

What Excites You Most About Your Business?

The ability to give free time back to awesome, productive people is extremely gratifying. The entire objective of our service is to enhance the quality of our customers’ lives by giving them additional free time. Can you imagine what our community could accomplish by giving everyone an extra four hours per week? The possibilities are endless.

By efficiently and reliably giving back the multiple hours per week our customers spend on laundry and dry cleaning, we’re working with them to curb the monotony of their perpetually busy schedules. Not only are we giving them back their free time and crossing a necessary chore off their to-do list, we also use our content, influencers, and event marketing to give them ideas on how to use this newfound free time to best improve themselves and/or their community.

What’s Most Challenging?

Ironically, our biggest challenge is convincing our customers the value of their own free time. Our marketing strategy, focused on giving back free-time, is aimed at convincing our customers of the value of this ever-fleeting resource and the benefits that more of it can bring. While seemingly abstract, we still must constantly remind our customers (and ourselves) that time is unique to each individual and is a finite resource; one we can never add back once lost. Once customers grasp this mindset, outsourcing this annoying, time-consuming chore is a no-brainer.

What’s One Thing You Want People To Know About You?

We’re committed to providing THE BEST laundry and dry cleaning service in Austin at a reasonable price. With an online based ordering system, The Folde has brought on-demand laundry and dry cleaning to Austin, TX.

Our value proposition lies our ability to offer a differentiated, high-end service to the Austin at industry-standard pricing. The Folde differentiates from industry providers by 1) being able to provide our service door-to-door at the click of a button, 2) providing a high-quality and personalized product, and 3) offering industry-leading turnaround times.

What Special Would You Like To Extend To BodyBusiness Members?

We’d like to offer BodyBusiness Members $20 off their first service (Promo Code: BODYBUSINESS)