BodyBusiness Featured Partner: Urban Betty

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Tell us about your business

Urban Betty is a salon in Austin, Texas that strives to have a homey vibe and welcomes all people. We have a super friendly staff and we love to do hair! The salon is named after myself, Betty Michelle, and I was named after my grandmother Betty.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2005

How did you get started?

At the age of 16 I was enrolled in cosmetology school and by 18, I was licensed to do hair. I moved from Abilene to Austin and my first salon to work at was a SuperCuts. I wanted to learn more and to keep challenging myself so I upgraded from salon to salon where I added color, prom and wedding looks to my portfolio. Unfortunately I never really had anyone take me under their wing as a mentor. I didn’t realize that you could apprentice at a salon, so I just worked my way up. Being an independent stylist led to a need for a business identity. And thus Urban Betty was born.

What excites you most about your business?

Helping other women become breadwinners. I love seeing all of my stylists succeed and become financially independent. What’s most challenging? To keep my business successful, I constantly reevaluate the way I do things. And because of that we are always in a constant state of change. The hardest part of that is conveying to my staff that this change is relevant and helps the salon as a whole.