Weight Loss Challenge

8-week Weight Loss Challenge! September 14th – November 7th
Weight Loss Challenge is our most popular small group program of the year! Participants see success time after time – join in and get the results YOU want! 

In previous challenges:

Our average participant lost 7 – 10% total body weight.

Our average participant lost 12 – 20lbs.

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Group Workouts: Your trainer will lead in you and your team through a fun, empowering 45-minute workout each week! 

Nutrition & Accountability Sessions: A comprehensive clean eating plan with lots of NEW recipes, meal plans, and education will be given at the first meeting. Learn everything you need to succeed and have open time for Q&A in this 30-minute session each week.

WIN 3 Months Membership: Results are based on % of body weight lost. The team with the highest team average will win 3 months free membership. The individual with the highest % of body weight lost will win 3 months free membership. *If the winning individual is on the winning team, that individual will get 6 months free membership.


Monday 10:00am with Larry

Tuesday 5:30pm with Tracy

Wednesday 8:15am with Rachel

Saturday 11:00am with Shandy



OPTION 1: 8 group workouts + 8 group nutrition sessions: $240 

OPTION 2: 8 group workouts + 8 group nutrition sessions + 4 private, 30-minute nutrition sessions: $400

GUESTS: Add $100. Provides access to challenge groups + full club membership and classes during the challenge dates.


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