Work and Play!

By: Mark Brown, Director of Personal Training

When you walk into the gym do you come prepared with a professionally designed, detailed program?  Is your lifting designed to peak with a one repetition maximum in 8 –weeks, while simultaneously performing cardiovascular intervals at 80% of your estimated maximum heart rate?  Yes? 

Congratulations, you are definitely on your way to steady improvements.  If you are new to fitness, or just a gym regular who has never followed an 8-12 week program I would highly recommend doing so. Beyond gaining fitness, the discipline and confidence to be gained from following through on a consistent program will stay with you for the rest of your workout life.

Now, if you read the first two sentences and your head began spinning, don’t worry, you are not alone!  After years of training both myself and others with numbers, oriented, detailed programs, I’ve come to realize that some of these look a bit too much like, uh, well…work.  For those of you who spend your days surrounded by numbers and charts, the last thing we want is to subject you to another headache when you come to the gym.  If you find yourself feeling this way, throw away the charts and spend the next month considering your time at the gym as your playtime.  Don’t consider a face-crunching grimace on your lift to be a signal of success, replace that by seeing how fluid and graceful you can lift the weight or move your body through space.  On your next attempt at push-ups, don’t scramble through them in an attempt to reach a certain number.  Instead, pretend the Olympic gymnastic judges are viewing your efforts and scoring you on perfect alignment, controlled speed of movement and performance of the movement.  You may be pleasantly surprised by how much stronger you actually feel when you are mentally in tune with that movement. 

Ultimately, your best workout is one you enjoy doing and have confidence in. We want you to come to the gym looking forward to challenging yourself (nobody else!), sweating, laughing and, above all, always remember that we are the lucky ones who have the opportunity to move and improve.  See you at BodyBusiness!