Yoga Fundamentals

Learn the essentials of an effective hatha yoga practice in a 5-week workshop at BodyBusiness. Each week, instructor Jeremy Devens will discuss a specific aspect of yoga. Topics include applied philosophy, anatomy, common mistakes in postures, breathing, meditation and healthy lifestyle choices. Each class will be personalized to you, whether you are brand new or a seasoned practitioner. You will leave each week with a personalized plan to integrate what you have learned. Bring a yoga mat, pen and paper. Props will be provided. Come prepared to practice all levels yoga for 20-40 minutes each week. Each class is 60 minutes. 

WEEK 1: Personalize Your Practice: Yoga was traditionally taught to small groups or 1-1 over a long period of time. This class will be in a small group, personalized to your needs. You will learn which of the 3 types (doshas) best describes you, your strengths and challenges. You will learn how you can you optimize your practice and lifestyle for the seasons, the time of day and your unique type. You will leave this class with a personalized plan to avoid common mistakes and continue to see progress in your mood, flexibility, strength and wellbeing over the 4 week course.

WEEK 2: Anatomy: Learn how to practice in a way that prevents and heals injuries. You will learn the essentials of anatomy from head to toe. We will discuss the most common mistakes in alignment, and how to improve them. You will learn the origin, insertion and action of the most significant muscles in the body. You will leave with your own anatomy coloring sheet to remember the fundamentals of anatomy. Recommended app: Essential Anatomy 5

WEEK 3: Healthy Lifestyle: Fundamentals of Ayurveda – The Sister Science of Yoga is based on the principle that “like increases like”. You will learn the stages of disease how to use daily routines to prevent disease. We will discuss how to integrating yoga into a cardio and strength training regimen. How yoga effects your digestion and how to find your ideal diet. How to optimize your hormones for sleep, digestion, energy and mood. How to apply the teachings of yoga to every day life. Recommended book: The Book of Ayurveda

WEEK 4: Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy: We’ll discuss the common misconceptions of yoga and how simple it can be to start a practice. We’ll discuss how to relieve hip and back pain to be able to sit longer in meditation. You will leave this class with a personalized meditation practice you can continue at home. We will discuss the essentials of yoga philosophy in texts from 5000 BC to the modern era. Recommended book: The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar

WEEK 5: Going Deeper: This class is all about the things you rarely find in public yoga classes. We’ll discuss how to practice yoga over a long period of time, as a path of mastery. Learn where your practice fits into the history of yoga. How can you apply the philosophy of yoga, such as balancing effort and ease in everything you do? Learn how to regulate your Central Nervous System with your breath (pranayama). Learn the essentials of meditation. Introduction to Vedic Astrology, the other Sister Science of Yoga. We will have a practice of Nada Yoga; a sound meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls. You will leave this class knowing what aspects of yoga most interest you and how to continue to deepen your practice.

Saturdays, September 29-October 27
12:00-1:00 p.m.

 Series Cost: $125 Members | $140 Guests

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About the Instructor: Jeremy Devens

For more than 15 years, Jeremy has worked in health and personal development. Personalizing practices from yoga, ayurveda and physical therapy, Jeremy teaches how to work with physical, mental and emotional challenges. Jeremy has lived and taught in Austin, TX since 2011 teaching more than 3,000 classes, workshops and events with everyone from at-risk youth to senior citizens. His primary teachers have been Jenn Wooten, Jason Crandell, Jeff Cavaliere, Mehtab Benton and Vanessa Stone.