Get To Know Yoga Instructor Signe Wendt

Signe’s personal yoga journey really has no beginning she can recall. As a child, she would practice with her mother and the interest never waned. Professionally, she has been working with bodies in the context of massage, personal training and yoga since 1993. In 2009, she finished her 500RYT hours of yoga training with an emphasis on yoga therapy. Signe continues every day to be amazed at how the compassionate embodiment yoga facilitates improves every aspect of life.

Where Did You Grow Up?
I grew up in Austin, went to Travis HS, then ACC then moved to University of West Florida

What Inspired You To Go Into The Fitness Business?
I was inspired to go into the fitness business after my massage career awoke a newfound and profound respect for the human body and taught me the importance both physically, mentally and spiritually of tending to our bodies health.

What Was The Worst Job You Ever Had?
The worst job I ever had was the one year I was recruited by a corporation and had to wear a suit! I am currently doing the best job I’ve ever had

What Is Your Favorite Inspirational Saying Or Motto?
My current favorite quote is Albert Einstein “curiosity is holy”
My current favorite inspirational saying is “the joy of the Lord is our strength” this is quite literal, a body occupied by a person with a positive outlook is simply stronger

What Is The Most Embarrassing Song On Your Playlist?
Most embarrassing song on my playlist? Hmmmm I’m kinda into oldies now, but I’m 51 so I don’t identify them as oldies. Hahah. That’s embarrassing

What Do You Do During Your Free Time?
My free time is taken up with yoga and hiking and laying around reading

Do You Have Any Pets?
I have one cranky cat and one perfect puppy

Do You Have Any Unusual Talents?
And my biggest unusual “talent” is the ability to release control of a situation and listen for a deeper voice and follow that. That’s a talent, right?